That Awkward First Post

It’s always weird starting out a new blog, especially if you tend to do it three times a week (yes, I probably own 467 different domain names of blogs I wanted to start that i’ve collected this past year, like in January when I wanted to be a movie critic or in February when I wanted to start a wellness and positivity blog inspired by a cancer survivor, even though the worst thing I’ve survived was my own mood swing) 

So this is my blog, about nothing and absolutely everything possible to do with my life. 

3 thoughts on “That Awkward First Post

  1. Today, April 30th, is National Honesty Day and I’m going to write about a truth on my blog today, but also thought I would tell something true on each of the blogs I visit today. Yours gets 2: First, I have never tried a latte because the smell of coffee makes me nauseous, even the really good flavors. And second, I too had a hard time writing my first blog post and even researched what you’re supposed to write in your first post. I think you hit the nail on the head here and, btw, at 25 if you show up for any job you’re on top of the world!

    1. Thank you for your honesty! I had no idea it was National Honesty day and what a lovely way to celebrate it! I’ll be sure to pass by your blog and do the same (even though I might be a week late).

      About the coffee, anything other than a latte is too strong for me too! But I use soy milk which is super healthy and lightens the strength of the coffee which helps.

      About the first post, thank you for your kind words I too have researched but having started so many blogs and ended them I just decided no to over-think it.

      Thank you for commenting

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