Mini Book Review: The Husband’s Secret

The novel, like most marriages, started off well. I was filled with hope and anticipation as I flipped through the pages (or I should say, stroked the Kindle screen) waiting to find out what on earth her husband’s secret was (all the while thinking, honey, whatever it is, I’m sure my ex can top it). However as a I got to the middle my attention began to waver. And then it got worse.

While the style of writing was excellent (enough for me to want to imitate), I found the series of events that happened towards the second half of the book senseless and not at all realistic.

  1. As I read about Tess’s husband’s extra-marital affair I couldn’t help but think, which Disney movie is this from? As a formerly married person I say, yeah right.
  2. No, no I’m serious. Yeah, fucking, right.
  3. I found the “transaction” that was made between Cecelia’s family and Rachels’ to pay off the “debt” all too coincidental and simple, not to mention random and unfair.

In the end, I found myself emotionally drained for no good reason and with the urge to throw my Kindle across the room and roll my eyes.

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