“…And Do You Know What His Biggest Asset Was?”


 I work in Insurance…so yes, my job is very glamorous. So glamorous that I have a personal stylist with me at all times to ensure that when I insure…I look like Adriana Lima. No, I’m just kidding. But the fact that I’m probably one of only a handful of women in the business, I do get sometimes treated like Adriana Lima. (I’m trying to make myself feel better, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me have this one.)

I am fairly passionate about the field (as passionate as a twenty five year old woman can be, which I tell my boss translates to basically “I show up, that’s enough.”) but sometimes the meetings can be a little bland.

Today however there was an interesting twist. Someone had bumped into someone well known in the field..

Co-Worker One: I saw Mr. Million Bucks (that isn’t his real name by the way…)

Co-Worker Two: Yeah, he’s a big shot now. Not even a big shot, a big big BIG shot (not very creative I know, but give him a break he’s an insurance guy he’s not paid to be funny)

That’s when the conversation turned to his assets. Villas in Spain, yachts parked outside his beach front home, offices in London, Kuwait, and New York. He was the Bill Gates of Insurance. That was when someone else at the meeting said something that struck me…

“You know he started out with nothing, right? Not a dollar in his pocket! You’re all sitting here talking about all his monetary assets but do you know what his most valuable one is? His tongue. Yes, he’s smart man but that wasn’t it…he was a man who knew what to say, when to say it and most importantly…when not to say anything at all.”

I’m a sucker for a self-made billionaire story and this got me thinking …. Could that be the secret to self-made success?

 And if so, as a person who always says the wrong things at the worst times, was I destined to a life without villas in Spain and offices in Japan?




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