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“Sir, Your Ego is in the Way…”

I’m sitting with my friend at a local café one Thursday evening (Thursday is the last working day of the week in the Middle East). We were enjoying warm labne and vegetable wraps and talking about how our weeks had gone when she suddenly says to me,

“I sat in on a meeting today and heard the most shocking thing ever. It’s so shocking that I think it’s kind of funny…”

“I’m not interested in hearing it” I reply and we continue eating then leave.

No, no I’m just kidding.

I’m serious it was a joke, there’s no need to block me.

Anyway, I asked her what it was and here’s what she said:

“Our company and it’s largest competitor are losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and the simple solution to that problem is to merge one of our projects together..and so during the meeting, I stupidly asked why we didn’t do that and EVERYONE just turned and stared at me like I had asked them to sprout wings and fly to Coachella…

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The Thin Line between Co-worker and Friend

I’m feeling the need to vent to you guys about something so hurry up and put your sugar in your coffee and lean in because I’m at work and I need to whisper.

There’s this guy at work who suddenly stopped speaking to me. Stopped even looking me in the eye  altogether. In fact, when he walks in he scans the room saying good morning to every on my left – looks above me as if I didn’t exist – then continues to say hello to everyone else on my right!

At first I thought it was my imagination, maybe he’s having a rough time at home? Maybe I accidentally forgot to take off my invisibility cloak from when I wore it last night to stalk my ex? Apparently, maybe not because people started whispering that he had an ‘issue’ with me. I didn’t believe it until the most non-gossipy co-worker I know gossiped about it to me.

Now before I tell you what his “reason” is for not talking to me, I’m going to tell you a series of events that led up to this.

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