The Thin Line between Co-worker and Friend

I’m feeling the need to vent to you guys about something so hurry up and put your sugar in your coffee and lean in because I’m at work and I need to whisper.

There’s this guy at work who suddenly stopped speaking to me. Stopped even looking me in the eye  altogether. In fact, when he walks in he scans the room saying good morning to every on my left – looks above me as if I didn’t exist – then continues to say hello to everyone else on my right!

At first I thought it was my imagination, maybe he’s having a rough time at home? Maybe I accidentally forgot to take off my invisibility cloak from when I wore it last night to stalk my ex? Apparently, maybe not because people started whispering that he had an ‘issue’ with me. I didn’t believe it until the most non-gossipy co-worker I know gossiped about it to me.

Now before I tell you what his “reason” is for not talking to me, I’m going to tell you a series of events that led up to this.

I’ve been working at my company for a few years now and am on relatively good terms with everyone (even the turban tying freak of a person, who I plan on blogging about once I recover from the PTSD knowing her has caused me)

This person, a gentleman almost ten years my senior is nice, polite, and an older-brother kind of figure to me. We’ve had two conversations outside of work in the course of two years and both were related to work. That is the extent of the relationship.

So anyway, a few months ago I made a personal decision to terminate the shit out of my contract with them (that is when one dramatically quits). After that action was taken I went in to inform my co-workers who were nice and understanding about it, including him.

Fast forward a few weeks later as negotiations for my return were discussed (they asked me to tell the truth about what I wanted and I screamed back YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH as I stormed out in a hail of applause…what? You’re not buying it? Okay fine, they made me an offer and I accepted.)

After this everyone generally welcomed me back immediately and things were normal. Except this guy.

According to him he’s upset because I didn’t “take his opinion when I made the decision to return” even though I took nobody else’s decision either. I’m not buying that reason to be honest and part of me really doesn’t care, I’m just frustrated that I have to see his face every single day.

Anyway, I just needed to vent.

And no I will not consider asking him what’s wrong.

Thank you for listening, your coffee’s probably cold by now.




2 thoughts on “The Thin Line between Co-worker and Friend

  1. Office politics is one of the reasons I like working from home. The only people I have to worry about getting into it with on a daily basis are two boys aged 3 years and 11 months. If they’re mad at me for something, give them 5 minutes and they’ve changed their minds again. Adults are too hard to please. Forget about him. Obviously you’re a hot commodity with your company or else they wouldn’t try so hard to keep you. Maybe he’s really upset because no one has ever fought that hard to keep him around?

    1. Office politics is unbelievable! I keep telling some of my co-workers about how easy it is to manage the work yet how difficult our lives become because of office politics. It’s one thing to be good at your job and something completely different to learn how to deal with the politics. Lucky you for working at home and (i’m totally making coo-ey baby sounds right now) how cute is it having two sons that age around? My daughter just turned three which means she knows how to answer back so life isn’t too pretty at home right now haha

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