Quinoa Salad and Questions About Life

Yesterday I was dining with some friends at a local eatery. Among the people in the crowd was a somewhat known figure in our society. Now this person hasn’t really accomplished anything to become as well known as they have they’re just, let’s say, insta-famous.

As I devoured my quinoa salad (I used to pronounce is Ki-No-A until my friend’s nanny corrected her and she eventually corrected me) the words of a former senior co-worker immediately came to mind “do you really want recognition for nothing? Wouldn’t you rather the self satisfaction of knowing you did something good, whether you’re known for it or not?”

I spent the next day thinking about it as I too found myself at a crossroad in my life…

Would I rather be talentless and famous or actually have what it takes but nobody cared to notice it (think Selena Gomez versus Susan Boyle).

Was it superficial or smart to want recognition over quality?

Now before you answer let me give you another similar scenario. Person A at work is intelligent, hard working, punctual. She is recognized by very few in the company as the smartest most hardworking person, she goes home every night knowing that the company would probably not run as efficiently as it did without her. Person B is of average intelligence, not as hard working but as punctual. She is there every day, all day, and yet she only does is the minimum necessary. She takes the tips of the icebergs of information and passes them along as her own thus securing herself a much higher position, power, and recognition as the company’s IT girl. She’s there at all the important meetings and she plays a hand in all the important decisions.

Now which one would you choose to be? And why?


2 thoughts on “Quinoa Salad and Questions About Life

  1. I’m totally an “A” because I work hard and do a good job for my own satisfaction. I am not financially nor recognition driven. Thus the reason I am a stay at home mom that works part time instead of pursuing a career with fame and note.

    1. You’ve saved yourself a huge decade-long migraine! What a blissful way to live life, and good for you for not getting caught up in superficial things! This is something that i’m working very hard on…

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